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For some brides, these wedding dresses are the best to express their happiness and to feel special on their day. Many of them have gorgeous lace details that, when paired with the sheer fabric, creates an effect like they were imprinted on the bride’s body. Some just find these dresses so different from others, and who doesn’t want to look unique? The brides brimmed with confidence as they rocked these daring wedding dresses to their party!

1. Phylicia Ellis convinces us white should not be the only color!

The soft, beige color against her skin gave an alluring sense of a nude tone. On top of that, Phylicia Ellis gave the shoulder dress a daring cutout in the middle.

2. If fairies exist… might Hayley Paige’s gown be what they wear?

The greyish tone of the dress was softened with the multilayered mesh on top of them. It turned into such a perfect dress for a rustic-theme wedding!

3. Because it’s h-ot, she had to dress lightly.

This bride had a pearl-embellished sheer dress over her nude-toned leotard for that outdoor, rustic vibe.

4. This dress by Mak Tumang is COMPLETELY sheer!

There are many details on the sheer lace that covers the bride, but one needs quite the confidence and bravery to rock this completely sheer off-the-shoulder gown.

5. N-ude fabric and a slim silhouette made this wedding dress look amazing.

When you’ve seen so many whites at weddings, you might want more colors in yours, like what this wedding photographer did for her own wedding. The mermaid silhouette was accentuated by a corset bodice and crystal detailing.

6. This Pnina Tornai dress has an interchangeable skirt.

The sheer, lacy details gave it a more glam, party look. On the wedding day, the bride swapped it out with the classic tulle skirt.

7. Luxury Spanish brand Pronovias made heads turn with this nude wedding body suit embellished with 200 Swarovski crystals.

It’s probably the furthest thing away from a traditional bridal gown. Yet, this wedding season could see a bizarre visual feast of sheer fabrics and flesh-toned linings, leaving very little to the imagination. The way this nude dress could be seen makes one thing the bride can absolutely go to a pool party right after by taking off the lace overlay!

8. Chosen by KYHA that Chanel wore was such an adventure vibe.

Chanel rocked this dress that was a two-piece with a tiered skirt. It definitely fits their outdoor photoshoot theme.

9. The golden light backdrop shows just how sheer this gown is.

The bodysuit under with low V-cut was covered in lacey appliques with floral embroideries.

10. This model walks in a sheer tulle skirt and sheer top with gorgeous details.

The leaf details are just beautiful, and the daring sheer shows how the lace details extend down to her leg.

11. A wedding gown with modern design and daring skirt.

The lace bodysuit has a low-V-cut, and she coupled it with a simple mesh tulle with an amazing sheer effect.

12. This woman looked breathtakingly like a goddess.

The wedding dress was an overall sheer one-piece with starry details and a tail.

13. When you want to show off your tattoos!

The white dress she chose had gorgeous lace details that shaved the plunging neckline of the bodysuit. The high-slit tulle skirt allows the tattoos on her leg to be visible as well.

14. You can tell how head over heels the man is on her in this gown.

In an entirely sheer gown with floral lace details, the bride wore it with confidence together with a puffy long white skirt.

15. So sheer, you can definitely wear it with a denim top!

Covering the totally revealing part, this sheer gown also has a high slit.

16. The gown meshes traditional essences with sheer effect.

The top has lace details with puffy long sleeves, finished with a classic tulle skirt.

17. Another full-body sheer dress.

This one emphasizes the intricate details that looked like they were directly imprinted on the bride’s body.

18. This gown has a see-through bodice with a peplum accent.

This bride’s gown had a see-through bodice, long sleeves with lace details. Under the peplum is the gorgeous long white skirt with a tail.

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