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It’s to-xic, people. Being masculine shouldn’t mean that you cannot like certain celebrities, songs, or even entertainment that are otherwise fine. Because of how they were raised, it appears that some men were illusioned that they are ‘alphas’ and a species above women.

1. If he has rules about what his girlfriend can and cannot say, wear, or do, insecure.

2. When they’re always ready to fight someone for no apparent reason.

3. My ex-boyfriend wore these boots. They were a size 13. They got all f-ed up. So I got him a new pair. He got all excited. I’m a mom, so I can’t just give you new boots; I’ve got to check to see if they fit. You know, like (pushing on the edge of the shoes to find toes), ‘Where’s your toe?’ to see if it fits right. Well, he wore a size 8-and-a-half. He would walk around in size 13 pair of boots because someone might think something of his little feet. Yes, he was to-xic.

4. Refer to themselves as ‘super straight.

5. Anytime a man has anything to say about male K-Pop idols — especially when it relates to either, “They don’t look like ‘real men,'” or ‘They look like girls.

6. I made more money than he did, so I would pay for things. But he wouldn’t let me pay — as in, he wouldn’t let me physically hand my card over to the server. So when the server would come, this guy would look me straight in the eyes and say, ‘I got this, babe.’ Then, he would hand her my card.

7. Use the phrase, “I hope she sees this, bro” whenever they see a man vocally supporting a woman.

8. When he asks you how many physical partners you’ve had, and you’re not even int-imate with him yet. Major red flag.

9. Referring to other men as ‘simps’ whenever they see them vocally supporting a woman.

10. If someone offers him a White Claw and they’re like, “I only like be-er.” You’re so tough because you pretend you don’t like the taste of black cherry.

11. I see this all the time with my young male students. It always comes in the form of not liking things. It’s not that they actually don’t like the things… whether that’s anime or female artists. They won’t like it because they think that there’s gonna be a social consequence from them saying they like it.

12. Someone who gets off on hating everything and constantly projecting toughness. I was like that when I was, like, 15, and my entire personality was a device to try and convince people I was tough in some way. Like, if a new song came out, I had to assert that it was bad. As an adult, you meet these guys and it’s just so exhausting.

13. Upon meeting a gay man, say any variation of the words, “Hey, man, I respect your life choices. Just don’t h-it on me, okay?

14. When a man’s partner… is paying his ‘John Thomas’ a visit, and she comes up to give him a kiss, and he has the “gall,” the audacity to outright reject her, be disgusted and off-put by her kiss.

15. If he says, “Periods are gross,” major red-flag.

16. When they won’t date a tall girl.

17. It’s not the word ‘b’ it’s the delivery of the word. Both might offend somebody, but one sound more insecure than the other.

See how people reacted on this post:

CandyCthulhu:" "Men, let me tell you this. Crying, showing emotion and love towards your friends and family doesn't make you less of a man it makes you more of a man and more human."

Joni I: "Kinda hate it when people say "real men do or look like this" or "real women do or look like this" who really has the right to say what is a "real wo(man)" and what isn't? Just let a person be what they want. obviously be a good person, but don't hurt anyone."

Vincent Ling: "Wasn't it the Romans who said a man who cries is braver than any man because it takes courage to fully let other people see you crying and emotional than hiding it?"

anna: "All of these man are beautiful! They should love themselves, their seriously amazing! Not all man have to be super masculine and not all women have to be super feminine! JUST BE YOURSELF! And BE PROUD OF HOW AMAZING YOU ARE!"

Cj Campos: "As a teenage boy, appearing younger than other teens that are younger than you is the worst. Especially when the teens younger than you act like they're superior & tease you for something you can't control like how tall you are & how old you look…"

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