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Love is about taking risks. Love whoever you want to love. It is about pursuing someone who makes your day filled with genuine happiness. Being in a relationship means doing things that will make you gain mutual love and respect. But what are the unspoken rules of love that you have to follow for you to make things work with that person?

Here we listed 16 unspoken rules of love that you should follow:

1. It is all or nothing

Loving someone means giving your all. There is no in-between because that person means a lot to you. You give everything that you have because that’s what she deserves. You make every effort because you want to make her happy.

2. Respect should always be there

Respect should deeply be rooted in your relationship for it to work. Having mutual respect means respecting each other’s boundaries. You have to respect each other’s choices. You have to remember that you do not own that person. You have to understand where that person is coming from too.

3. Communicate always

Communication is necessary for you to maintain a lasting relationship with someone. You have to be transparent with how you feel because the other person deserves to know the truth. You have to be upfront than throw tantrums to get his attention. Men would appreciate it if you are direct to them because they do not like sugarcoating things.

4. Respect each other’s friends and family members

Loving him means respecting the people that he loves too. You have to maintain a good relationship with the important people in his life because as your relationship with him grows deeper, you will have more moments with them together.

5. Lower your pride and ego

Being in a relationship means always working to be a better one. When a misunderstanding arises, you have to be willing to listen. Listening with the goal of understanding is one of the best ways to communicate. You can’t be selfish and focus only on how you feel. A relationship is a collaborative effort you make with one another.

6. Always love unconditionally

Loving someone should always be unconditional. True love means loving for no specific reason. It is more than the physical aspects. It is more than what the eyes see. Love selflessly because that is what he deserves. Love without limits, buts, and ifs in the process.

7. A little jealousy is okay

A little jealousy is healthy because it gives you more reasons to pursue her. When you get jealous, it is cute because it adds spice and thrill to your relationship. It gives you more reason to pursue her even more. But you have to know your limits because it gets toxic and unhealthy too. Too much jealousy is poison to your love and bond. You have to trust your partner and avoid being possessive. Give him the space and time he needs for himself too.

8. Trust your partner all the time

Trust is important in every relationship. It is one of the foundations of maintaining a good connection with the one you love. You have to develop trusting one another because that will give both of you peace of mind. Love has no assurance, but you have to trust him, especially if he also shows in actions that he is worthy.

9. Compromise is important

about rainbows and butterflies. Being with someone means you are willing to make sacrifices. You are willing to sacrifice your own comfort for that person to be happy. It is about doing extra miles for the relationship to work out.

10. Be supportive with one another

When you love someone, her happiness becomes your happiness too. You support her goals because you want nothing but the best for her. You uplift one another because you believe in each other’s abilities. Be each other’s confidant because you are stronger when you are together.

11. Don’t bring up past issues

Past is past already, so you have to stop bringing back past issues when you are arguing. Stop dwelling on the past because you are not living from that situation anymore. Things have changed, and you have to give people room for improvements and growth.

12. Keep things in private between the two of you

Once you are in a relationship, there are things that you have to keep in private. You don’t have to kiss and tell everyone. When conflicts arise in your relationship, you should not post on social media. You have to talk about it instead to put an end to it.

13. Always stay positive that everything will work out

You have to maintain a positive outlook for a relationship to work. A positive mindset attracts good things to happen. There may be some rough times sometimes, but that is part of the whole package. You have to have an open heart and mind to always make things work out.

14. You become ‘one’ in the process

As being in a relationship becomes a two-way journey, so you discuss matters together. You both talk about the effects of the big decisions that you will make. It is not only about you anymore, but your partner’s welfare too. You will do your best to come up with decisions that will bring happiness to both of you.

15. Do not let anyone destroy your relationship

There will always be people who will try to ruin the relationship you have with him. They will try to spread rumors and negativity to break the trust that you have for one another. As a mature person, you have to know how to deal with situations like this. You have to talk to your partner first rather than listening to their hearsays. Be mature enough in dealing with things privately than showing your dirty laundry to people.

16. Show the real you

Be true to yourself because that is the most beautiful version of yourself. Show the real you because that is how you will know if you are indeed a match for one another. You don’t have to fake anything because true love is about acceptance. Love with all your might because that is what true love is all about. Love even if there is no guarantee that it will last. What is important is the happiness that you felt at that moment.

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Slandy Noel - I have been divorced for 3 years and this past year I have gotten excited to date. I started dating this gentleman last year and we dated for 8 months. I thought he was an amazing man but I knew that he was not the one for me. His values were very different from mine, he truly believe that a couple should live together before getting married. I thought absolutely not, why in the world should I perform all these wifely duties without being married. 3 months ago I politely told him that I am not for every body neither was he. I was not the one for him therefore, I couldn't see him anymore. He was shocked because we were doing great. My number one job is to guard my heart. I have no intention on pouring in my time, energy into a relationship that was not going anywhere. I know my values and I am not willing to compromise them. I simply walked away without feeling any remorse.

Jennifer Diaz - Wow this guy has my full attention!!!!! now it's time to value myself on a higher level thank you guys for sharing it help me a lot!!!!!

Pauline Crosby - Ok my husband and never even kissed before our wedding day we wanted to keep our relationship pure and holy. Only to discover he ch eated throughout our entire marriage apparently he was a compulsive liar and addict all the while telling me I was the only woman for him

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