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Light touches, dreamy gazes, and longing sighs… That's what you'll find in these love drawings by Zipcy. Zipcy, whose real name is Yang Se Eun, is a 29-year-old artist from Seoul, South Korea, who is not petrified to add some lightly elements to her beautiful drawings. The "Touch" series portrays moments of closeness in a cute couple's life. The artist manages to capture the feelings of falling in love. They cannot stand being apart and enjoy every little moment together. Take a look at some of her drawing ideas from an ongoing "Touch" series and let us know which one of these unique artworks was your favorite.

1. You Breathed Out So Warm, And I Couldn’t Help But Lose My Mind

2. His Scent Was Like Burying My Face In The Afternoon Pillow Filled With Sunshine. I Wanted To Suddenly Hold Him

3. Sound Of Your Breath Between The Rain

4. Still, No Idea Why I Love Touching Your Skin Than Mine

5. Touching My Ear With A Deep Voice

6. All Love Begins With A Gaze

7. My Heart Was Tickling When His Fingertips Touched My Hair

8. It Is Never Only A Contact, Nor A Friction, But, In The Very Moment, It Is Something More- Give You A Crush, Take You High, Blow Your Mind, And Make You Float Around

9. I Remember The Moment Your Floating Gaze Landed On Me For The First Time

10. If Only I Could Carry This Softness For Good

11. Just About To Hold Hands, The Thrill Of Feeling His Fingers Sliding Between Mine

12. Your Scent…

13. That Moment Of Mysterious Sensations

14. When Her Hand Locked In With Mine Airtight

15. Just Comb My Hair. I Felt As If Each Strand Of My Hair Subtly Revived Its Senses

16. Your Scent And A Sunny Afternoon

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Donna Larsh - And our family pets no matter what breed or shape you come in we teach them all English first. And we know this because we talk to them in complete sentences and they respond appropriately.

Elisabeth Blackwood - It’s like looking at a beautiful garden that I’m not allowed to enter. Maybe some of us weren’t meant to be loved like that.

Nguyễn Thanh Hà - One time we were lying next to each other, I was watching Netflix and he was on his phone. I wanted some snacks so I reached out to his side, he thought I wanted to hold hand so he did that was true

Martin Vratilev Ambruš - quite amazing, since for people in Korea, it take ages to actually be able to date properly from the moment they get to know each other

Lori Caroline - Damn……. truly beautiful to have two souls that close to one another. To not know where one ends and the other begins

Ronda Tomlinson - As a NEW member of the Comment Reading Association of America (CRAA) , I’m only here to read comments. Please keep the comments short and simple. We do appreciate your typing effort. Thank you .

Heather Hall - These make me uncomfortable…been married for 35 years and hubs has gotten used to me being the way I am. I'm not affectionate. Wish I could be, but I can't - it's just not me.

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