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We’ve all come across our fair share couples, there’s those who can’t keep their hands off each other in PUBLIC or those that insist on wearing matching outfits everywhere. Gross.

1. Out of this world

This picture is…A LOT. Firstly, where did they get the background from because it’s awesome?! Secondly, they both look like they are forcing a smile and it’s horrifying. Thirdly, the cat is majestic but why are its legs open like that?! So much is going on here but at least this couple is unique.

2. Amazing

I NEED to get me and my boyfriend matching jumpers with our faces on it. This is just the coolest thing ever. I love how they look so casual about it like it’s not strange at all.

3. Glamorous

Wow. Why is he sat on her like she’s part of the rug? This is just so funny! What was the photographer thinking? “Yeah, just a traditional couple pose, sit on top of her and smile like you are both.”

4. There’s too much going on

Okay, so the banana thing HAS to be because they wanted to embarrass their kids, please let this be the reason that exists. The bottom one…no idea. Why are they so happy? Do they have a secret supply of snacks in there? Are they going to live there? WHO KNOWS. Lastly, the cat one…well, I don’t know what kind of gang that is but I’m scared.

5. Nice…?

The first couple looks you don’t want to mess with them or their bird. The second couple is just…odd. I can’t tell if he is holding her face lovingly or he is just about to break her neck. Either way, someone should save her.

6. What kind of ritual is this?

This couple like to summon demons in their spare time and take pictures of it. What’s with the candles and why are their arms like that? I hope whoever took this picture wasn’t sacrificed to the dark lord.

7. Save that dog

This poor dog deserves a medal for putting up with these two, having to wear matching jumpers and pose for photos so cringey they look PAINFUL. Look how concerned the poor dog looks, SOMEONE SAVE HIM.

8. Romantic

Do this couple know a massive truck is behind them? Or did the photographer just hate them and not want to tell them? Either way, it kind of spoils the picture.

9. This is what love looks like

The picture on the left is just the WORST. I bet this was the guy’s idea. What’s with the bow and arrow? And the picture on the right just…okay. No words.

10. Chickens can fly!

Um. I NEED a backstory for this one. Why are they touching raw chicken and WHY are they throwing chickens in the air? It’s not exactly a wedding tradition…

11. Going back in time

These couples are OLD SCHOOL. Honestly, love was better back then. They still loved each other even when the fashion was THIS bad.

12. Double pregnancy

This couple is pretty awesome. At least the dude can poke fun at himself but seriously…he really does look pregnant…he might want to get that checked out.

13. Two reactions to pregnancy

Well, the couple on the left are in for a rocky 9 months. The guy looks like he’s just received a sentence whilst she couldn’t be happier. I smell trouble. At least the guy on the right is using pregnancy as a brilliant photo opportunity!

14. Happily married

I’ve never seen a couple look more miserable on their wedding day. Maybe the cake was disappointing? The best man speech? Or, they have both made a huge mistake…

15. The best yet…

This one is by far the BEST. It’s just so traditionally cringey. They are both just so RETRO and the hair just…wow. My question is, why are neither of them actually looking at each other or the camera? WHAT ARE THEY HIDING? So, there you have it, the ultimate list of couple goals. If you are your partner don’t look or act like the above, you might want to take a closer look at your life. Got any cringey couple pictures of your own? Let us know in the comments!

This is how people reacted to this post:

Eileen Bass - I found my soulmate in 1983, we married in July 1984 and this coming July we celebrate 36 years married.

Danielle - I may be inappropriate for saying this but I’m sure ur thinking it, but how does that man fit in his sweats inside that little woman?!?!

Darrell Yelity - Getting married to a Dog, doll or ghost. One thing I remember Rick James saying about.

Bree Brooks - I hate catfish like this. They talked about everything but the people on the picture that drew me in to view this segment.

Butterfly - For the people that married their dogs- if the dog runs away does that equal a divorce?

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