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Men like to think they know a lot about women, but women—in both mind and body—are complex. While we can't necessarily help men understand what their girlfriend or mother is thinking, after talking with experts we can let them in on a few interesting facts about women's bodies they probably didn't know. And for more gender health knowledge, check out

1. Vag - inas are self-cleaning.

Discharge—sometimes seen in women's is part of the vag-ina's self-cleaning process. "That's why only the external requiring cleaning," says Langdon. The mucus produced in the cervix, which is at the top of the stomach, is the body's way of cleaning what women cannot otherwise reach. For more expert information on bodies,

2. The clitoris has twice the nerve endings a pe-nis has.

"The clitoris is a large neurological bundle, and what is visible externally is just its tip!" says Gersh. "The clitoris has an external and internal part. It dives down both sides of the vulva and can be up to 4 inches long," says In addition to noting that clitoris has both external and internal parts and can be up to four inches long, Kameelah Phillips, MD, founder of Calla Women's Health, adds: "The clitoris has about 8,000 nerve endings, which is about twice that of the pe-nis. All of these nerve endings can make rough touch very sensitive, so slow down and give her some respect."

3. Women can see a larger spectrum of colors than men.

If you've ever felt like women and men see the world differently, you're not totally wrong. A study led by psychology professor Israel Abramov found that "women were more adept at distinguishing between subtle gradations than were men," according to Smithsonian Magazine. This disparity was most apparent in the middle of the color spectrum—Abramov found that women were better able to distinguish tiny differences in color hues that were yellow or green.

4. Women have a better sense of smell.

For better or worse, women have a stronger sense of smell than men. A study published in PLOS ONE found that "women's brains have up to 50 percent more olfactory neurons." And while scientists believe this is likely a contributing factor to women's superior sense of smell, they think there is more to it than that. According to Medical News Today, some experts believe "a superior sense of smell helps mother and child to bond after birth" and "influences females' selection of potential mates."

5. Sp-erm lives longer than the egg in women's bodies.

Women's bodies allow the foreign sp-erm to live much longer than their own egg inside their reproductive system. "While the egg lives for one day after ovulation, the sp-erm lives for [on average] three days after ejaculation inside the woman's body," says Merhi. According to Natural Cycles, more determined can survive as long as five days in a women's reproductive system.

6. Women's brains are better suited for remembering details.

Women's more sizable hippocampus and prefrontal cortex (PFC) are responsible for some of the differences between how men and women think. "The PFC controls social behavior, cause and effect thinking, and judgment," says Kimberly Langdon, OBGYN and medical advisor at Medzino Health. "[It] develops at a younger age in girls, and this is why they take fewer risks than boys of the same age." The PFC is also responsible for why women have a more acute capacity for details. "Women include more details in their decision-making or in conversations, which is why men think they talk more or take longer to express themselves," Langdon says.

7. Size of Bre- ast

One bre-ast is always larger than the other. It’s usually a small enough difference to not be noticeable. But no woman has equal-sized.

8. The Brain

The part of the brain that shows arousal during s-x also shows a similar arousal in some women while they’re thinking about food. Especially when they have food cravings.

9. Women Born

Some women are born with two uter-uses. It may not be easily noticeable at first but if weird cycles or excessive haemorrhage occurs it may be a sign.

10. Women have stronger immune systems than men.

Throughout the cov-19, we've seen the virus infecting men at a higher rate than women. While this could be a result of a few factors, women have been proven to face off infections better than men at every age. "It's partly due to estrogen—in the younger years—but also due to the extra X chromosome," says Felice Gersh, MD, founder and director of the Integrative Medical Group. "Some of it stays active throughout the entire female's life, and it endows her with a more powerful immune system."

11. Women feel pain more acutely than men do.

This fact blows the long-held belief that men are stronger than women out of the water. "Women have more immune cells and respond more robustly to wound and infections, which results in a heightened pain response," says Gersh. And a study published by the Journal of Pain found that when it came to "a number of different diseases, including diabetes, arthritis, and certain respiratory infections," women reported feeling more pain than men.

12. Women store fat around the abdomenand and back.

Not all bodies are the same, but fat stores are most commonly found on women around the abdomen, and back. Langdon says this is "to keep the fat stores (food) near the growing uter-us and during pregnancy." Women's bodies start preparing for childbearing well before they even consider conceiving.

13. Women experience less heart disease than men.

If you're thinking women have less heart disease because they have less stress in their lives, you would be wrong. "The hormones of premenopausal women seem to be protective against heart disease," says fertility expert Zaher Merhi, MD, OBGYN. This logic tracks when you consider that "women have fewer heart disease than men prior to menopause, but by age 65, they are equals," according to Gersh.

14. Trust a person

Women more easily trust a person who hugs them for more than 15 seconds. You can’t make this stuff up but does anybody else think that is an extra long time for a hug?

15. Women listen

Studies show that unlike men, who only listen with the left side of their brain, women listen with both sides of their brain. Well, this explains a lot.

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