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14 Signs of a Person With a Highly Intuitive Sixth Sense | They “Know” Things Before the Logical Mind Perceives Them

Perhaps you think psychics and intuitives are “woo-woo” gypsies who look at crystal balls crystals. But what if you’re an intuitive and you don’t even realize it? Most of us are capable of being highly intuitive, but we may dismiss things we know without knowing how we know, especially if we’ve grown up highly rational or been influenced by scientific education or fundamentalist religions. As a physician with a physician father and three Methodist ministers in the family, I was one of those stealth intuitives. Here are a few clues that you might be too:

1. You pick up on everyone’s emotions.

You’re highly sensitive to what others are feeling and may not know how to protect yourself from the energies of other people. This may cause you to become withdrawn or reclusive, even though you like people.

2. You have vivid dreams.

You remember your dreams often, and, oh my, what wild rides they are! Some of your dreams may have come true before, as if you were predicting the future, and this might have frightened you, especially if you dreamed about a scary outcome and then it happened. If you experienced this, you might have cut off your ability to dream out of fear. But you can invite that gift to return if you can move from fear to trust.

3. You’re very discerning.

You might meet someone everyone else likes, but you get red flags and war-ning bells screaming “Stay away!” You can see through charisma,beauty, and talent to sense the soul underneath. If you resonate with that soul sense, you might be instantly drawn to someone without understanding why. If not, you’re likely to pull away, even when it makes no sense to your mind. Later, you may get evidence that you were spot-on in your read. Others will be shocked, and you’ll be shaking your head, trying not to say, “I told you so.”

4. Thoughts drop into your mind from nowhere.

There are four types of intuition: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance. If you’re clairvoyant, you’ll likely see visions or colors or pictures others can’t see. If you’re clairaudient, you’ll hear sounds or voices or even music that other people can’t hear. If you’re clairsentient, you’ll feel things in your body. But if you’re claircognizant, you’ll just know things you shouldn’t know, which can make this the hardest form of intuition to recognize because you’ll think it’s just a thought. But these thoughts don’t feel like you thought them up. They’re more like flavors you come to recognize over time.

5. You get messages from all around.

Do you ever feel like an object on your altar is talking to you? Or maybe you get communication from a tree or a cloud or a piece of jewelry? When you’re tuned in and you don’t know it, everything will try to get through to you.

6. Psychics hunt you down.

Are you one of those people who is always bumping into psychics who pay unusual attention to you? This is often because they can see that your “third eye” of intuition is wide-open, but you may not recognize it. It’s almost like one psychic can recognize another and they are vibrationally magnetized to each other.

7. You’re suffering from a chronic illness that doctors can’t cure.

In indigenous cultures, they call it “shaman sickness” when a shaman—the resident intuitive of the tribe—gets sick because she won’t step into her calling. Often, in this culture, where shamans aren’t recognized, the would-be shaman is scared of her power, reluctant to admit her gifts, or plagued by a sense that she’ll be burned at the stake if she comes out with her intuitive abilities.

8. You’re prone to addiction.

When you’re intuitive and don’t know it, you may try to tune out by drinking too much or powder overeating, using indulging in other addictive behaviors that disconnect you from your intuition.

10. You feel a special connection to nature.

When you’re out in the natural world, away from technology and other people, your intuitive downloads have room to arrive. If all your best ideas and plans tend to come with you on long walks through the woods, it’s a sign of intuition at play.

11. Synchronicity stalks you.

When you’re intuitive but unaware of it, your intuition might externalize itself, showing up as “signs from the Universe” that leave you in awe. It’s almost as if intuition tries to get your attention internally first, but if you’re not paying attention, your intuition will grab you by the outside world and shake you until you’re listening. The good news about intuition is that it doesn’t abandon you. Like a lover who never gives up on you, intuition will do whatever it takes to capture your attention and guide you toward your path of power, love, health, and the purest sense of purpose. And once you commit to strengthening your intuition, it will only get stronger.

12. You can see or sense things without physical cues.

You don’t need visual information to know certain things. For instance, if you lose your keys, you have a strange sense of where you can find it, and it usually turns out to be there. Or, it could be that you enter a space and are able to know what had happened there in the past and sometimes have a vague knowing of what is going to happen in the future, too. This ability to “see” people, places, and histories, without any physical or tangible cues suggests that you have a sixth sense, according to California Psychics.

13. You are an empath.

You are not just acutely aware of your own feelings and intuition, but you can easily tune into others’ emotions. Sometimes all it takes is for you to enter a room to pick on the energy and know who is feeling sad or down. While this makes you a very caring family member or friend, it can also leave you overwhelming. You know when someone is lying or hiding something. You can sense when someone is hiding their true feelings, and you read between the lines. Even if you are talking to someone over the phone or texting, and the person says everything is okay, you can pick their feelings, especially when something is amiss.

14. You know ahead how things will turn out.

You often get a hunch about things and it is often more than a logical guess. You know how things will turn out, or who will win an event, or whether a venture will be successful. This is also why sometimes you feel a sense of dread or prefer to postpone things. This could also be why you feel fearless and reassured during a time when others around you are anxious or worried.

This is how people reacted to this post:

Karl RothIntuitive people are genuine. They don’t want or need anything from anyone. All they wish to do is share what they know with others, while lifting as many as they can up.

Malinda TrollingerI am 66 years old and wish I had this information long, long ago. It would have saved me a lot of pain. Many times I felt like an outsider, but it came from being overly emotional and being a sponge for whatever was happening around me. I can only be around extraverted people for a short period of time before I feel like the life has been suc-ked out of me. I came across a quote recently that spoke to me. It reads, “Some people feel the rain and others just get wet.”

Elizabeth WieseWhen I meet someone for the first time I can immediately sense their inward spirit and I am either repelled or accepted by their inner light! Additionally my heart is my compass in this brief journey called life! Be blessed, and reinforce your spirit with God’s divine light!

KazThank you for this. I’m a hyper intuitive person and it’s like a whole new world for me alone. I can read situation and read people’s minds quickly before they know. People think I’m different.

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