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A flower can bring a smile to anyone’s face, such is the beauty of flower. In our world, there are many kinds and varieties of flowers with the different colours, fragrances and shapes. Have you ever closely observed the shapes of flowers, there are some flowers that actually look something more than just a flower? Yes you read it right there are some unusual flowers that actually look completely different and something else. Take a look at these extraordinary flowers that will brighten up your day and fill your heart with joy:

1. Beautiful white orchid looks like a ballerina dancing angel.

2. The flower that looks like aliens that are coming to our planet.

3. This flower makes you believe these are like tiny ducks in a bright colour.

4. Looks like small birds hide under the petals of this cute flower.

5. Looks like small birds hide under the petals of this cute flower.

6. These orchids are angels from heaven.

7. A flower that will remind of a human skull.

8. Parrots have a new colour.

9. A flower called Ophyrs bomybliflora has an uncanny resemblance to a bumble bee.

10. Psychotria Elata flower wants to plant a kiss on your cheeks.

11. Moth orchids look like bird that is flying high.

12. Tiny birds sleeping in their cocoons.

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