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This is the unfortunate and uncomfortable truth that a lot of people are just going to have to learn to accept: cheating is rampant and no relationship is safe from infidelity. As much as we would want to believe that all couples who are deeply in love with one another are destined for a life of happiness and bliss with one another, that isn’t always going to be the case. A fairytale ending is never a guarantee for any couple and you must be mature enough to accept that. You could be in the most romantic and loving relationship with someone, but that doesn’t mean that you are completely safe from unfortunate cases of infidelity.

Temptations are everywhere and it really doesn’t take much to push people off the edge. And you can expect them to try to absolve themselves of the responsibility of their actions. Or they might even try to deny the entire thing altogether. And to give you a better idea of what you can expect them to say when you confront them, you can just go ahead and read this list.

1. I have to stay late in the office today.

Maybe if your partner stays late for one or two times, then that shouldn’t be a cause for suspicion. But when it starts happening regularly, maybe you have to do some investigating.

2. I went to grab a few dr-inks with the people at the office after work.

How many people really go and grab drinks every day after work together on a consistent basis?

3. I had too much to drink and I don’t remember what happened.

They knew exactly what they were doing but they’re trying to make it seem like it was the grog fault.

4. I don’t know why so-and-so keeps texting me.

Of course your partner knows. They just don’t want to tell you that there’s something fishy going on between them.

5. I don’t know what my ex wants; but I’ll just meet with them so they’ll leave us alone.

Your partner knows exactly what their ex wants; and it’s not something that you would like either.

6. I stayed at name of trusted friend’s place last night.

No they didn’t. They spent the night in bed with someone else and they’re using their friend as an alibi.

7. I have no idea where that lipstick stain came from.

How else would another girl’s lipstick end up on their clothes? They don’t expect you to be this stupid, do they?

8. They were the ones who made the moves on me.

It doesn’t really matter who made the first move. It takes two people to tango after all. They are still complicit regardless of who started it.

9. I was just feeling lonely.

People feel lonely all the time; but not everyone is going to resort to such a vile act of infidelity to get over the loneliness.

10. You’re acting crazy.

They will try to make it seem like your suspicions are unfounded and that you’re merely acting paranoid.

This is how people reacted to this post:

Paulyne - he did it and exhibit every single points mentioned in the video… It's still so hurtful until this day T_T. I don't understand why he had to give up on an almost 12 years long relationship… rather than pulling me even closer to him and man up to face any issue together with me… it's just very sad

Linetta Thomas - Thanks for that information I really needed to hear that I'm going true a simpler situation as we speak and everything that you said is food for thought knowledge is power

Stephanie Willis - I was wired to know and God showed me more than I ever wanted I know. He’s still doing all this back peddling. Lying, deceitful calling me his friend to his “friends”. We were all being played.

hrae63 - I was told by 2 strangers that I had never met before that my wife cheated on me. I did not get a name of the man, but both strangers who were also strangers to each other had stated that my wife was close with a man, in the same location, (an apartments complex around the corner about 1 block from my house)

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