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One of the best ways to lose weight and to keep body in shape is to follow a workout regime at gym. However due to lack of time or sheer laziness, we often escape going to gym. If you are one of those you who agree with this then there is good news for you. You can follow a quick 10 minute workout at home to keep your fitness routine going. This workout involves 10 minutes high intensity interval training (HIIT) that burn fats and keeps burning calories even after you have completed the workout. This workout will burn same calories as 1 hour of weight training exercises will burn. Make sure that you do not replace this workout with gym workout every day. Follow this workout only on days when you are unable to go to gym:

1. Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers race up your heart rate and work on core, hips, abs, hamstrings, chest, obliques, biceps and triceps and all almost all other muscle groups of your body. This exercise brings a balance and control in your body. For doing this exercise, get your body in plank position. Make sure your feet are hip width apart and keep your hands directly underneath your shoulders. Engage your ab and while maintaining the plank position, pull your right knee towards your chest and then quickly push it back to starting position and switch over to pull in your left knee towards your chest. Continue to switch knees simultaneously to form a running motion. Follow the move for 30 seconds.

2. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks is a cardiovascular exercise which tones up your arms and legs. To do this exercise stand straight with your feet together and arms on your waist. Jump as high as you can with your hands joining above your head as you jump up. Simultaneously spread your feet wide apart as you go up. Return back to starting position and repeat this move for 60 seconds.

3. Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle crunches are said to be best exercise to build abdominal strength and tone up your legs and thighs. For this move lie down straight on the floor and let your lower back press flat on the mat. Keep your head and shoulders slightly raised. Place your hands on the back of your head allowing your elbows to extend out. Bend the knee of your right leg and bring it towards your chest with your left leg fully extended. Return back to starting position and switch the move on left leg in bicycle movement. Follow the move for 30 seconds.

4. High Knees

High knee exercise improves the lower body speed, tones up your legs and thighs and improves flexibility. To do this move stand straight with your feet hip width apart. Raise your left feet and bring your left knee towards your chest. Quickly return the leg back to starting position and switch to bring your right leg towards your chest. Continue with alternate legs in a continuous motion for 60 seconds.

5. Plank

Planks are considered as best core strengthening exercise as it engages many muscles at one go. This move works on your core, glutes and hamstrings. To do the planks get your body into push-up position with your face down and legs fully extended. Ensure that your upper body is straight and your toes and elbows are slightly raised. Tighten your core muscles and let the weight of your body get on your elbows and legs. Hold the position for 10 to 15 seconds and repeat for 30 seconds.

6. Jump Squats

Jump Squats work on your glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves and biceps. This move helps to tone up your upper body. To do this move, stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart. Lower your body as low as you can to get it in regular squat position. Bend your knees and ensure that your thighs are parallel to floor. Tighten your core and jump upwards, try to land back on the floor in starting position. Repeat the move for 60 seconds.

7. Give Break For 30 Seconds

Once you have completed all the above explained 6 moves, give rest period of 30 seconds. This will complete 5 minutes of your workout. Follow another set of the moves after 30 seconds rest to complete the 10 minute workout. This 10 minute workout is as powerful as 1 hour of weight lifting at gym as this workout will burn about 120 to 180 calories. According to various studies, if you do weight lifting at gym for an hour, the amount of calories you will burn is about 220 calories. Hence in case occasionally if you are hitting the gym follow this 10 minute HIIT workout to burn about same number of calories as you would burn in gym.

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