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10 Celebrities Who Screwed Up and People Still Remembers It

For most budding stars, a flame is a flash in the pan – there one moment, gone the next. Then there are the others, the ones who are stars, arcing across the galaxy. That is until they fall. And when they fall, they fall super hard. Here are 10 stars who have had meteoric falls from grace.

1. Amanda Bynes

What kid in the early aughts didn’t watch the Nickelodeon variety show All That? It was wacky, it was fun, and it starred actress Amanda Bynes in all her multifaceted glory. By 2010, however, Bynes had retired from acting. And by 2012, she was well on the way to a full-on nervous breakdown, which ended in her being committed on a 72-hour hold, and her parents gaining conservatorship over her.

2. Katherine Heigl

Remember when Katherine Heigl was the “it girl” to end all it girls? She was America’s Sweetheart, THE face of the TV show, Grey’s Anatomy. She was also starring in THE comedy, Knocked Up. Then she went all over the writers of Grey’s, as well as the people she worked with on Knocked Up. Word to the wise, never mess with Shonda Rhimes.

3. Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter was a certified teen heartthrob. When he onto the scene during the mid-2000s on the heels of his brother Nick Carter’s Backstreet Boys fame, he had all the teen girls in a palpitation. Fast forward a decade later, and Carter is now tabloid fodder for his alarming weight loss, bankruptcy, and coustdy. Thankfully, Carter went to and seems to be doing much better now.

4. DMX

Whatever happened to DMX? No, really – what the heck happened to the man who was the most promising rapper in the game? In the early 2000’s the rough-voiced rapper was darn near ubiquitous with his distinctive vocal growl. By 2010, nothing. The rapper has been in and out of coustdy for the better part of a decade over a myriad of offenses including resisting coustdy, falsifying identity, animal cruelty, reckless driving, possession, etc.

5. Lindsey Lohan

In the early 2000s, pop culture had three queen bees – Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton. While Britney and Paris managed to hold onto their celebrity and wealth, Lohan’s star took a nosedive soon after what would become one of her most memorable additions to pop culture, Mean Girls.Between her arrests, problems with sobriety, and forgettable movies, Lindsey’s star has fallen a long way indeed.

6. Matt Lauer

Matt Lauer once ruled the roost at NBC. He was the king of daytime, co-hosting the Today show with a revolving cast of cohosts, including Ann Curry, who he notably had removed. When it emerged that Lauer had his colleagues and workmates over the years and that he even had a button for locking women in his office, Lauer’s career went sideways faster than Donald Trump’s toupee going up Air Force One.

7. Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen once had a thriving career and was the highest paid actor on television with his show Two and a Half Men, for which he earned $1.8 million per episode. Nice, right Then came his dismissal from the show for substance, his many meltdowns during which he claimed to be “winning” and that he possessed “tiger bld.”

8. Lance Armstrong

Can you believe Lance Armstrong was ever a thing? The former professional cyclist won the Tour de France seven times in a row and had people wearing those yellow Livestrong bracelets like it was the new thing. Oh, and he also beat can-cer, which meant he was a national treasure. Well, turns out that national treasure was doping, so he had his championships, and Tour de France wins voided in short order, and his name dropped from his own foundation. He’s now persona non grata, and is being charge by countless entities for fraud to the tune of $100 million.

9. Kevin Spacey

Once upon a time, Kevin Spacey was a highly-respected, highly-regarded actor, and the powerful Hollywood figure who commanded the roost at Netflix’s House of Cards. Then came the revelation that he had charge several actors, many of whom were teenagers at the time. Spacey’s life crumbled around him – ironically, very much like a house of cards.

10. Robin Thicke

Ah, Robin Thicke. There was a time circa 2013 when he was the singer around. “Blurred Lines” had revitalized what had always been a low-key career, and there he was, on stage with Miley Cyrus in that suit, crooning as she on him. Then came the revelations that Thicke had a substance problem, and the case he’d plagiarized “Blurred Lines.” It was also revealed that he and longtime partner Paula Patton, were in a bitter custody, that included charges.

This is how people reacted to this post:

Grant GoffinAaron Carter is actually good shit. It makes me sad to realize what Aaron has become today.

Xiomara Leon Robin Thicke is one of the best ever things to happen in pop music. GENUIS ! Forever a fan.

Franzi Reuter Lindsey Lohan is so pretty! I miss the old Lindsay though, before all of the drama and stuff. Now I honestly think life in the fast lane has gotten where she is now.

DarleneKatherine Heigl you’re so beautiful I love you’re hair.

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